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Trump Presidency Chronicles

At the inauguration of the forty-fifth president of the United States, spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway ushered in a period with her “Alternative facts” in which entertainment would strongly color the political communication of the White House. The excesses of the president and his courtiers created a caricatured representation of the new administration. The coherence of the whole and the underlying strategy quickly became clear, it was about the implementation of agenda items of the extreme conservative part of the Americans. Comments and analysis flew around your ears, disbelief and bewilderment hovering above. Rick Wilson sums it up in the title of his 2018 book: “Everything Trump touches dies.” He was one of a long list of authors who made us witness the dissolution of the idea that we of the U.S.A. had. He who had assured ‘To drain the swamp’ during his election campaign turned out to be a broker in transgressive behavior that promotes nepotism and corruption. As is well known, the presidency would end in a failed coup. Donald Trump just barely masters the finesse of a perfect autocrat.

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